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About Lavender

Lavender is a film documenting Kaitlyn Figueroa's experience with Hidradenitis Suppurativa and her struggles to overcome its effects. The film is currently in post-production. Follow us on social media as we prepare the film to be released soon!

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Kaitlyn Figueroa

Producer and Star

Kaitlyn was born and raised in New York City. She worked as an actor with the MCC  Youth Company off-Broadway show Uncensored (2016-2017) as Production Ambassador for Matthew Perry's End of Belonging  (2018), and as Assistant Director for the MCC Theater Youth Company in Brooklyn (2018-2019). Currently, Kaitlyn is focused on modeling, and is signed with STETTS Management. Every summer, she loves to work with a nonprofit organization called Statement Arts to help teach theater to children. When she is not working, she loves to use her time practicing photography.

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Matthew Cobb


Matthew is a director, writer, and editor in New York. His short film Chewing Gum won the Audience Award at the Astoria Film Festival in 2018, and his music video of "Meet You There" by Kiyomi Hawley was featured in LA Music Critic's Indie Voice Blog. His documentary work extends through time working with the Alive Inside Foundation, and his product videos for the company Toymail have garnered thousands of views on YouTube. Currently Matthew works as the District Communications Coordinator with the Rockville Centre School District, in addition to working on independent projects such as Lavender and other upcoming short films.


David Ward


Based in New York City, David works on mixed media content, live performance capture, and as a freelance documentary producer. Since getting his start in the industry as a PA for commercials, David has developed his skills as a producer by taking on work as a Post-Production Coordinator, Production Manager, and Post-Production Supervisor. In addition to working in the narrative and commercial worlds, David also has experience in the documentary genre, working on Lexi Phillips's We Were Going to Start a Death Metal Band and now Kaitlyn's Lavender.

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Brianna Ortiz

Featured Interview

Brianna is currently a daycare teacher in her home state of Pennsylvania. Formally a hair stylist, she is working towards getting a degree in special education to help children with disabilities. Since 2016, she has volunteered with a local assisted living home to help them cut and style their hair since most are unable to make it to the salon themselves. She has recently taken an interest in photography and enjoys capturing life's greatest moments on camera. In her spare time, Brianna loves showing off her artistic abilities through painting, makeup, and hair. 

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Jackson Gillies

Featured Interview

Jackson Gillies is a 21-year old singer/songwriter/musician residing in Santa Barbera, California. Jackson's short five years of playing music include highlights like placing in the top sixty on American Idol (the Facebook Audition has over 26 million views), giving the first ever TEDx Talk about HS, winning the title of Teen Star USA in 2016, and independently co-producing/writing two singles that were received with wonderful acclaim. Jackson attended the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London 2019/2020 and now produces music for local musicans/singer-songwriters. He also continues to write, produce, and release his own music. He has a new single called "I Could've Loved You" released on all platforms as of 12/11/20.

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Lidia Marukyan

Director of Photography

As a kid, Lidia dreamed of being the person on set who "does the slate". After starting her career as a 2nd and 1st Assistant Camera and shooting short and student films, she made her path to becoming a Director of Photography.


Lidia had tried many career paths after high school, including tourism and hospitality, wine technology, and even in the medical field. But after graduating, she was stuck, and did not know what to do with the rest of her life. That's when she joined...New York Film Academy's 1-Year Cinematography program! 

Being on set, around so many wonderful and talented people all helping to create a piece of art... that is where Lidia wants to be.

Rachel Parrella


Rachel graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Film and Media Arts. Since then, she has been living in Brooklyn and working on independent films in the Grip & Electric department. After driving 15,000 miles around the U.S., she is happy to be back home to continue her work in the industry.

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Luke Lotardo

Luke Lotardo is a composer, songwriter, and lyricist from Long Island, New York. His musical career began as a lead singer and instrumentalist in various bands, as well as producing for hip hop artists. After seeing success, he began to get offers from filmmakers looking to tap into his grand and eclectic, but accessible, style based heavily on leitmotifs and thematic concepts. His work includes the feature film Thank You For Your Patience which premiered in 2021, several award-winning short films, and two full length albums with his band, Bohemians.


Natalie DeCicco
Sound Mixer

Natalie DeCicco is a sound designer and mixer born and raised in New Jersey. After graduating from Emerson College in 2019 she worked at the New York Film Academy. She is also the editor for various podcasts such as Seltzer Squad and Vital Interests, but also loves doing production sound. When she’s not working with audio, she loves reading and spending time with her friends and her cat.

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